As virtually all consumer product manufacturers and brand owners by now realize, the world is becoming increasingly e-commerce driven. While this paradigm shift has ushered in numerous opportunities for businesses, it also presents significant challenges.
One of the most significant challenges businesses face in this environment is how to effectively enforce Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies and uphold brand value in the face of a constant assault from diverters and unauthorized sellers advertising their products at levels that harm their brands. What is becoming clearer each day is that even the most iconic brands must act swiftly and aggressively to preserve downstream sales and overall brand integrity.

In this white paper, you'll learn about: 

  • A proven three-phase strategy for maintaining long-term brand value
  • Channel control and establishing legal claims against unauthorized sellers 
  • Enforcement against unauthorized sellers
  • Running an effective Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) program 
  • Pitfalls brands typically face when trying to address these issues